Who Should Receive Discounts and Donations From Your Dollar Store Business?

Do you own a dollar store business? Are you tired of shoppers continually asking for discounts or even donations of dollar store items from your store? Maybe it’s time to develop a discount and donation policy. While it may take a little time and effort to put together a program that you feel is appropriate, you’ll find it is time well-spent. One option is to simply say ‘no’ to all types of discounts and donations. However, if you have decided to examine the option of giving discounts and making donations, then read on. In this article I present who should receive discounts and donations from your business.

Get involved in your community. Many local charities would be thrilled to receive discounts on purchases or the donation of dollar store items with broken packages, or that show minor shop wear. Your business can make a very positive impact on the lives of people in the community by adopting one of these options.

Support the school teachers in local schools. Many of the teachers in the schools around your dollar store spend hundreds of their hard-earned dollars on supplies for the students and events associated with their classroom. Why not help them out? Even a 10% discount means a lot to our teachers. You are supporting a worthy cause, and they will spread the word about your generosity.

The schools in your area host a variety of community events. Why not support them by donating a portion of the refreshments with dollar store items for the next event? The word will get out. Expect some other schools and event leaders to contact you for similar treatment, but you will also see parents coming in to support your dollar store as well.

Local, community events are a great place to get noticed. A well-planned display as a part of a donation to a local event will gain exposure to prospective shoppers that would be impossible otherwise. This could be the least expensive advertising and promotion for your business you do.

Reward loyal, high-spending shoppers in your store. One of the underappreciated groups of shoppers is the very shoppers who spend the most in your store. Many dollar store owners don’t even know who these shoppers are; much less offer them a reward for their loyalty. Consider offering a small reward for shoppers who spend the most in your store. A simple spending tracking card can work the trick. Once shoppers reach the targeted spending, offer a discount, free items, or even a chance to win a monthly grand prize.

To your dollar store business success!

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Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur, author, writer, business consultant and trainer.

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