Thermography And Preventative Health Care

At a time when new diseases seem to be developing much faster than cures, many people are recognizing that the best way to care for their health is to invest their time and energy in to preventative care. Largely in part because if you wait until you are already sick to deal with your health, you are starting at quite a disadvantage. And one of the keys in fighting life threatening diseases like cancer is early detection. Lifestyle is also a big part of preventative health care. Making sure that you are eating the necessary foods to nourish the body, getting exercise to keep the body strong and the immune system bolstered, and developing healthy mechanisms for handling stress, are all good ways to help ensure good health. But these should be used in conjunction with advancing health monitoring technologies such as breast thermography for women. Thermography and early cancer detection is one great example of how detection and prevention can go hand in hand.

Thermography detects changes earlier than any other method of detection because of it’s nature- thermal images detect body heat, so any time that there is an activity such as a diversion of blood flow to feed a growth (this is how tumors grow in the body, they literally divert the blood flow to feed themselves) this shows up on the image. The diverting of blood flow can happen at a state long before there is any actual growth. This means that self or physician exams done by hand or mammography would not detect any change or abnormality, but breast thermography would show these changes. It would not be until much later that physical growth happening in the area could be detected as abnormal, making chances greater that the condition, by this time, may have become more serious.

So, the point to learning about such changes well in advance of a serious problem is not just to cause worry and concern until a person’s condition has progressed to the point where mammography can give a reading or a biopsy can be performed. Because changes this early on do not indicate a set future. Lifestyle changes, such as smoking cessation or dietary shifts can often make a significant difference in such cases. It may be that by making these shifts people can affect the course of their health and not develop the issue at all. This, of course, would be the ideal situation for all patients, and the only way to increase the percentage of ideal cases is to introduce more and more people to this preventative diagnostic technology so that they can utilize it to its full potential. Finding a thermography center is getting easier as more people grow familiar with and begin to use the technology. And as the demand grows, hopefully the number of thermography centers, and the continuing research into breast and other thermography technologies will bring more precise and useful health information.

There is new tool in the fight to prevent and much earlier diagnose the warning signs and abnormalities for breast cancer. Patients that get a breast thermography test done at a thermography center every year, arm themselves, and their doctors, with a tool that allows any change or abnormality be detected by physical breast exams or mammogram yet.

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