The Value Of Health Care

Regardless if personal injury lawyers are getting huge sums of money in settlements the clients receive nothing of this sort and instead have vouchers in their pockets. When it comes to victimized consumers, there is a judge who will protect them.

There was a New York City law firm that was criticized by a judge after asking legal fees worth $ 1 million because it offered the passengers of a cruise ship vouchers that amounted from $ 10 to $ 60.

About $ 2 million was how much it cost for a law firm to settle a class action lawsuit against a cruise line in Fort Lauderdale after the company was said to have inflated port docking charges for unknowing passengers. About $ 1 million in legal fees was requested by the firm in the courtroom.

When he sliced the $ 1 million request to slightly less than $ 300,000, the judge ordered four southern Florida firms to split it in a 27 page ruling.

When it comes to the 80,000 plaintiffs they managed to corral into the lawsuit they were given vouchers and the judge ordered that 25 percent of the legal fees of the lawyers also be paid in this manner.

Beneficial to the passengers are the travel vouchers for the firm’s lead lawyer said that they were repeat customers of the cruise. But what they wanted was cash because no bills can be settled with vouchers.

Most of the time class action plaintiffs are rounded up by personal injury lawyers as parties to multimillion dollar lawsuits according to the judge without prior warning and clients get nothing useful in terms of rewards.

Tort reform advocates warmly applauded the judge for using common sense in defending consumers against rapacious class action lawyers. There is a head of a Tallahassee think tank, a local institute, who considers travel awards to be bogus for these vouchers have no value.

Nothing is appealing about $ 10 off of a cruise worth hundreds of dollars. In terms of class action lawsuits not all are bad. People who are genuine victims of a corporation’s neglect or malfeasance certainly deserve to be justly compensated.

Considering the current design of class action lawsuits they do comfort people but the wealthy ones and not the victims.

Miami HMOs are facing a class action lawsuit waged against them by a well known Mississippi lawyer who is leading a group of multi millionaire personal injury lawyers.

The price of health care can go through the roof with little or no improvement done to patient care and the personal injury lawyers are fully aware of this.

The lawyer argued that blatantly he met with Wall Street financial analysts in an effort to get them to downgrade HMO stocks and force a shareholder sell off.

With this logic there are no flaws. With lawsuits come falling stock prices and when this happens the HMOs will be more than happy to settle things out of court and this is why the lawyers can easily get their hands on millions in settlements without spending a day in court.

It was a Yale University law professor who said that there is some harm being brought to the country by these kinds of lawsuits. When a victory happens on their part then the managed care industry will be eliminated. Without a shadow of a doubt there will be an increase in health care costs to all Americans.

Considering the long line of lawsuits against the HMOs which are driven by greed some action must be placed by the congressional Republicans and Democrats in the form of a meaningful toil reform act.

For the numerous average working Americans, them paying for the retirement funds of these lawyers has to stop as they are tired of doing the work while these lawmen travel on their private jets and fish on their luxury yachts.

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