The Health-Care Effects of Tomato

With bright color and attractive appearance, tomato has become one of the favorite foods in people’s daily diet. In fact, the nutrition contained in tomato is as excellent as its appearance, and it can be used to prevent and treat some small diseases. Firstly, beautify the skin: Peel the fresh and ripe tomato, remove the seeds, and then mash it. Apply the mashed tomato on the skin 2 to 3 times every day, which can make the skin smooth, and has an excellent cosmetic and anti-aging effect. What’s more, it can also cure skin diseases caused by fungal infection. Secondly, prevent cancer: Tomato not only is very nutritious, but also has strong effects in clearing away heat and toxic material, as well as inhibiting pathological changes. As a result, eating 1 or 2 fresh and ripe tomatoes every day can play an anti-cancer effect. Thirdly, treat ulcer: If you suffer from mild peptic ulcer, you can mix tomato juice and potato juice together, then drink one glass of the mixed juice every morning and evening. If you drink this kind of mixed juice for 10 times successively, then the ulcer will recover. Fourthly, bring down a high fever: Mix tomato juice and watermelon juice together, then drink it every half an hour. After some time, the high fever will be brought down. Fifthly, cure bleeding gums: Wash the tomato clean and eat the raw tomato as a fruit for a month consecutively. In such a case, it can cure bleeding gums. Apart from the above-mentioned diseases, tomato is also very effective to prevent and treat high blood pressure, anemia, hepatitis, heat stroke, and so on. Although tomato has so many health-care effects on human body, there are some notices you should pay attention to when eating tomatoes. Firstly, do not eat tomato and cucumber at the same time. Secondly, do not eat tomato when taking heparin, dicoumarol and other anti-clotting drugs. Thirdly, do not eat tomato when you are in an empty stomach. Fourthly, do not eat unripe tomato. Fifthly, do not eat the tomato which has been cooked a long time in high temperature. In a word, tomato is very beneficial for human health. The large content of nutrients (such as lycopene) contained in it not only can meet the essential needs of human body, but also can help people prevent and treat some kinds of diseases. As long as we pay more attention to these notices when eating tomatoes, we can get satisfactory effects.

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