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Ancient to modern times, Traditional Chinese Jie You, “the source of colon are numerous” theories “for enriching longevity, intestine often clear,” This is the ancient tradition of health claims. Royal Society of Medicine in London, a British physician that: As the long-term water consumption, many of which will be deposited the body of harmful substances, especially when the body can not keep up the slow pace of detoxification of metabolic waste excretion rate, they will cause chronic harm to human body, once body waste in the intestine into the hardware assembly will block large intestine, causing serious consequences. Therefore, rather loose stool, no constipation, metabolism, renewal and, water does not rot, Hinge Does Not Stick! For healthy people, smooth stool Shangju important.

According to media reports related to the 60s from the 20th century, American scholars keep on 20,000 autopsies test results showed that: almost every adult has the body of toxins ranging from 3-25 kilograms, of which 200 result The average cancer death of the body toxins of 10-20 kg body endotoxin sudden death of patients is reached 15-25 kg. Results show that: toxins to the human body a great burden, caused their disease, is the enemy of modern people’s health.

It is understood that about 200 million Chinese older people, constipation, accounting for about 6000-8000 people. Some investigations in the elderly, about 30% had a history of constipation. In the United States there are around 500 million or more people suffer from constipation.

Constipation can lead to senile diseases, intestinal bacteria can be decomposed into the end of the protein digestion of ammonia, sulfide and indole and other toxic substances, chronic constipation, being unable to promptly removed from the body of these toxic substances, When these toxic substances than the liver’s detoxification capacity, will immediately damage the blood circulation to the brain and central nervous system, the brain dysfunction, resulting in intellectual and memory impairment, mental retardation appeared senile. Or toxins to enter the brain affect the brain’s blood circulation and blood brain barrier occurs. Constipation and other chronic diseases are also relevant, such as tumors.

Recently, local health expert said: stool three times a day can lower cholesterol, eliminate the body’s “stool,” can reduce the burden on the liver, prevent fat, fat and bile in the intestines too long retention, increased liver duplicate brought increased absorption of the burden of the liver, smooth stool, was investigated three times a day can lower blood cholesterol.

Constipation in Traditional Chinese Health and Wellness in a very close relationship, from the modern medical theory and philosophy of Chinese medicine were able to be confirmed.

Modern medicine: the large intestine forms of exercise are divided into “mixed movement” and “forward movement” (group exercise). The formation of fecal food residues remain in the large intestine, the part is absorbed, and also through the large intestine, the role of bacterial fermentation and corruption and the role of colonic mucus adhesion, the formation of faeces. Normal fecal water, 3 / 4 solids, 1 / 4. The latter include dead and live bacteria (about 30%), undigested and indigestible food residues and digestive tract shedding of epithelial cell debris, mucus, bile pigments (30%), fat (accounting for 10-20% mainly produced by bacteria break down food, and from the shedding of intestinal epithelial cells), salt (accounting for 10-20%) and a small amount of protein (2% -3%) and so on. In the undigested food residue, some are food fibers, including cellulose. Diet Fiber can not be digested, but because it can absorb water, so can increase the volume of stool, softening and stimulating bowel movements, so that feces stay in the large intestine, shortening the time to smooth stool.

About 1000-1500ml per day of human small intestine into the large intestine, where most of the water and electrolytes are absorbed, only about 100ml of liquid and 1-5mmol of Na * and CI-with stool, if the stool in the colon stay within the length of time, so the water is almost absorbed, the formation of hard faeces.

Colon primary function is to absorb moisture, manure storage and transport. But there are some colon digestive function, digestive function by its large number of bacteria within the colon to complete the fermentation.

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