Pitfalls Of New Health Care Reform

No one knows what changes will be brought about in the next few years with the implementation of the reform in the healthcare system. There is much controversy as to whether this will be a blessing or another burden upon the taxpayers of the United States. There are people who believe this new system will bring much needed care to those who currently aren’t receiving any healthcare benefits.

There is a letter floating around the internet right now that is one supposedly written by a medical doctor working in the local Emergency Room and how when he looks at the face of those on Medicaid and Medicare it is not the face of the needy that he sees but the face of those who are honestly and quite frankly too entitled to get out there and work for their benefits. Those who have an excess of toys, nice clothing, and over the top electronic devices, would rather pay for those things and allow the government and the American people to foot the bill for their health care.

There are many who genuinely need the assistance because they are physically or mentally incapable of working and desperately need medical care. People who take advantage of the system don’t care how others are sacrificing so they can enjoy these benefits. The future of the United States Healthcare system is dismal for those who know they are working to provide benefits to those just thinking they are entitled to them.

These individuals should not be allowed to abuse the system. They should be denied access to using the program and be forced to find a job and work like the people who are paying for these programs designed to help the needy. In today’s economic conditions, many are working two jobs or once “stay at home” moms are entering the workforce just to pay their families’ medical premiums. Shouldn’t everyone have to pull their own weight if they are capable of working? The abuses occurring in the system are making people who have to pay for this program resentful.

This abuse can be seen in all aspects of the government assisted programs. Welfare and Medicare were designed to help only those who truly needed aid but somehow people figured out a way to be on these programs when they shouldn’t be on them. The American people are voicing their opinions as they believe the new healthcare program will just be another program that will be abused and the rest of us paying the bill.

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