Natural Cures For High Cholesterol

You know, we now live in a world, that is no longer satisfied or willing to put their health at further risk, by taking traditional prescription medications, and this is certainly true, when it comes to dealing with bad cholesterol. Natural cures for bad cholesterol are becoming more sought after, and more popular, as people have finally realised the importance of using natural means for looking after your health and your body.

One of simplest natural cures for bad cholesterol is diet modification. Unless, you have diabetes, or are the one out of 500 who has familiar hypercholesterolemia, chances are your elevated bad cholesterol levels (LDL) are being influenced by the foods you eat.

Treating this condition requires some lifestyle changes, especially with respect to what you eat. You should take vitamins and minerals, but remember to consult a doctor before taking these natural supplements, since most of them need to be used in conjunction with a dietary plan.

The reason natural cures for high cholesterol are preferred to conventional prescription cholesterol medications, is for two reasons. Firstly, prescription cholesterol medications only really treat high LDL cholesterol, and have little to no impact on HDL or triglycerides. And secondly, natural cures for high cholesterol have no side effects, unlike prescription cholesterol medications that have dangerous to potentially fatal side effects.

One of the best natural cures for high cholesterol is to make sure you are eating the right kinds of foods. The first kind of food that you want to ensure you are eating is something that contains soluble fiber such as oat-based foods like porridge or oatcakes. The reason for this is because the soluble fiber sticks to the cholesterol particles and instead of it being absorbed into the body is actually excreted instead.

Niacin in the proper dose definitely does lower overall cholesterol, raise good cholesterol, and lower bad cholesterol. The only question is whether the supplemental form of niacin can provide a sufficient amount of this B vitamin to produce results and still be safe. Very high dose niacin can cause liver damage in some cases. So if you are considering a natural cure for high cholesterol containing niacin be careful not to overdo it.

The reduction was 6% for the placebo group. The numbers haven’t been reproduced in later work, and the most recent trial saw total cholesterol falling by an average 4% among participants, though no impact on either HDL (good) or LDL (bad) cholesterol was observed

Increase the intake of grapes as it has the quality to reduce the cholesterol. In the skin of the grapes there is a compound which helps in lowering the cholesterol. Like this carrot, apples and pectin also help in lowering the cholesterol. It reduces as well as removes it through the intestine and it prohibits our bloodstream to absorb it. Garlic is very good to reduce the cholesterol.

Do natural cures for high cholesterol actually exist? Well believe it or not, some of these remedies have been around since the dawn of history and are readily available. Perhaps the most famous one is our old friend garlic. Garlic as an ingredient for cooking is of course well known but its many medicinal properties are also legendary.

Policosanol comes from sugar cane wax. It is considered to be a safe and effective treatment to lower LDL cholesterol. While preventing oxidation of LDL cholesterol it promotes normal blood flow.

Some of the best online guides and resources give you all the information you need to treat your high blood pressure using natural methods. A few of the options include deep breathing, meditation, exercises specifically for hypertension, and herbal supplements. Using a combination of these methods works well to cure hypertension and improve your health!

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