Montage Premier Massage Chair

If you are looking for a therapeutic massage chair, then you should consider the montage premier from Omega. There are many high-end luxury massage chairs on the market today. Many of them are very good, but they just seem to fall short as a complete therapeutic massage chair. The montage premier is the most complete massage chair available on the market today.

We have evaluated and tested all the best massage chairs from Sanyo, Panasonic, Human Touch, Osim and Premier Health. These companies make a good quality product and are the prominent manufacturers of massage chairs. However, for one reason or another they are lacking when compared to the Omega montage premier.

The Montage Premier has the most complete set of features of any massage chair on the market. The first and most important feature of any massage recliner is its massage functions. The Montage Premier comes with five automatic programs.

Five automatic programs provide a wide variety of therapies at the touch of a button. There are warm up and warm down programs. There are relaxation programs and there are programs for very invigorating massages. All of these are free programs and provide a full body massage at the touch of a button.

The Montage Premier also comes with manual massage techniques. These are used for targeting specific areas. The Montage Premier allows you to select from six different areas to target. These include the lower back, middle back, upper back, upper neck, shoulders and pinpointing.

You also find a lower body traction system. The lower body traction system enables you to stretch your body from the hips to your ankles. This can be very relieving and help to take pressure off the lower back.

The Montage Premier also comes with full body heat. Heat is used by athletes to help reduce swelling and to improve blood flow. This massage recliner comes with individual controls for heaters located throughout the chair. You can select exactly where you would like to apply heat.

This massage recliner also accommodates individuals up to 6 6. It also comes with an extendable leg rest. This enables the user to position the leg rest to effectively massage the lower legs. This massage chair also has a rating for people up to 300 pounds.

One often overlooked area for massage chairs is to provide mental relaxation. The Montage Premier comes with a built-in MP3 player and headphones. This enables you to play soothing music to relax your mind.

Mental relaxation is critical to releasing tension in the body. When you obtain a massage from a masseuse, they always create a relaxing environment. This almost always includes soft rhythmic music. It is important to relax your mind so that the muscles in your body will also relax.

The other critical area that you need to evaluate is warranty coverage. Omega provides the most comprehensive factory warranty of all the massage chair manufacturers. Most manufacturers require you to buy extended warranties in order to match the warranty automatically given by Omega.

You have many choices when it comes to massage chairs. It is important to evaluate the total therapy you will receive from a given massage chair. This is a long-term investment in your health and well-being. You want to make sure bad whatever you purchasable provide you with the total environment to relieve tension and to provide for relaxation. The Montage Premier massage chair is designed for people who are serious about therapeutic massage.

View the whole line of Omega Massage Chairs and see why they have the most therapeutic features for a total massage experience. The Montage Premier Massage Chair is the best luxury massage chair on the market today. Relax your mind and relieve the tension in your body.

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