Massive Hong Kong Luxury Auto Discounts With Starelite

There are some substantial advantages to buying a car new; you can be confident that it has never had an accident, doesn’t have any major mechanical problems waiting to be discovered, and has never had a cigarette lit within its interior. In short, you know it’s yours! However, buying your Hong Kong luxury car new from the dealer makes for a substantial difference in price tag compared to a pre-owned vehicle. Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong has solved the dilemma for those buying a Mercedes-Benz in Hong Kong, with the new StarElite brand of certified pre-owned vehicles, through which cars that have had their history verified and undergone a rigorous 150-point Quality Inspection are sold. These vehicles offer all the advantages of a new car … at much lower price tags!

StarElite Checks and Balances
The StarElite brand is a true fusion of the advantages of buying a car new, and buying a used car in Hong Kong. There are quite a few strict criteria that a Hong Kong Mercedes must meet to be considered for sale under the StarElite brand:
– Must have been purchased from Zung Fu Company, the authorized Hong Kong Mercedes-Benz dealer
– Must have been serviced and maintained at authorized service centers
– These Hong Kong used cars have had only one previous owner
– Mileage less than 35,000km
– Less than 4 years old

The major guarantee of quality with StarElite vehicles, though, is the 150-point Quality Inspection which is performed on all Hong Kong luxury cars. If any parts are found to be in need of replacement or reconditioning (and indeed, if any parts have been replaced throughout the first ownership), only genuine parts can have been used.

StarElite Benefits
It isn’t just the extra dollars in your pocket that benefit Hong Kong used car buyers purchasing through the StarElite program. Buyers of the CLS500, SLK350, E-class Estate and AMG Coupe as well as any other Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong models available at the time, get:
– A 12 month / 20,000km warranty
– 24-hour roadside assistance for 12 months
– A 30-day buyback guarantee
– A Hong Kong Mercedes Collection 20% off privilege card
– Servicing immediately prior to sale

What Can I Buy Through StarElite?
You’ll be able to buy any of the models that Mercedes-Benz have released in Hong Kong throughout the past four years through the StarElite program. Due to the stringent criteria (and also the high demand for such fantastic prices on Hong Kong luxury cars), there are usually between a handful and several dozen vehicles available at any one time. Currently you’ll find E350s, SL350s, B-Class and C-Class Hong Kong used cars available through StarElite … set to become the new way to drive in luxury!

As one of the world’s most exciting and prestigious brand,Mercedes Benz Hong Kong offers luxury passenger cars in Hong Kong and Macau.

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