How Do You Know Which Health Insurance Policy is Right For You?

With all the recent job loss in Michigan, (and across the country) more individuals and families are left without health coverage, and for the first time, finding themselves having to find health insurance on their own. It is a tough task finding high quality, affordable health insurance, especially when there are so many plans to select from. The key is to not get overwhelmed from the hundreds of plans, and simply look into the past for the plan that is right for you and your family.

Before even calling an agent, or going online, take out a piece of paper and write down any event in the last six months that involved seeing a doctor, emergency rooms, urgent care, surgeries, prescriptions, and any test that you may have had. Then go back for 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, and so on. Go back as far a the last five years and add everything up, and be sure to do this for each member of the family that will be on the policy. You may be surprised as to how little or how much you have used your insurance card in the past. Armed with this valuable information, you can rule out most plans.

For example, lets say you will need coverage for four people (two parents, two children), and you added up eight office visits in the past twelve months. Ask yourself, do you want to pay for eight doctors visits? Perhaps you don’t care, but most will not want to be charged the office visit, so look for plans with office visit co-pays.

This will at least give you a nice start in your quest to find the best plan. If anything, you can give this info to your health agent and they will take it from there. Be sure that when you see your health quotes that you have the proper coverage based on your past needs.

If you still want to fly solo and do all the leg work and quoting on your own without the help of an agent, be sure the website will allow you to customize the quotes to eliminate having to sift through the plans that you know will not apply to your needs.

For more information or to see examples of quoting tools that will allow you to customize your plans, visit http://www.easyhealthconnections.com

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