Hero asks for discounts to Honda

The famous Hero group offers to buy 26 percent of the stakes from Honda. But the Honda automobile manufacturer is quite unsatisfied with the deal as Hero expects to buy these shares with a discount of 40 percent on the current market price. The Japanese auto and bike manufacturer, Honda, with a view to get the best possible price from Hero for its stakes of joint venture has counter offered the Hero which seems to be a negotiating tactic of the company. As per the records, both Hero and Honda are 26 percent stake holders to the joint venture, Hero Honda. Hero Honda is the world’s largest two wheeler producer selling qualitative and standardised products to its customers. The company has been the most trusted and liked brand world wide. With this the company accounted an ever highest sale of 5,05,553 units in the month of October 2010 registering a growth of 42.75 percent as compared to last year. As per the statements of company official, negotiations for the deal regarding Hero Honda are to take place in Bangkok this year. Being in joint venture of Hero Honda, the Honda wanted to increase its royalty and fame with the sales but unfortunately could not succeed with the same. Also the fact says that two of the old models of company have been experiencing hike in their sales, i.e. Hero Honda Splendor and Hero Honda Passion. Both the, Hero and Honda group came together in the year 1984 and since then have been experiencing inflated sales serving the customers most outstanding and standard products. The company is known for inculcating its models with latest technology and styles. The most trusted Enterprise always promised to take care of the worthy environment and mankind as well. The joint agreement between the two well known companies was again extended in the year 2004 for complete 10 years and under this the Japanese company promised to avail the latest technology to Hero Honda.

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