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Some people might feel uncomfortable using drugs for curing diseases all the time, with the threat that disease pathogens will start becoming stronger leaving the body no way of fighting off a disease. A little research has suggested to use that even for simple health troubles, there is more often that not a natural alternative to taking conventional medicine. Alternative natural medicine is a fast developing industry which appears to have a bright future. If natural medicines are administered correctly, they can be very beneficial to somebody’s health. 

One of the sorts of alternative natural medicine is the passionflower. This is usually taken for soothing the nervous system. It is used to treat tension, anxiety and insomnia. It acts as a strong relaxant that helps to naturally calm the body. The passionflower is more useful for people who depend on sleeping pills and want to cut down or stop using them altogether. In a lot of countries, passionflower is given to children who suffer from hysteria, convulsions and hyperactivity. It can also sometimes be used for lowering high blood pressure in people. 

St. John’s Wort is a medicine that is sometimes helpful to women. It helps to reduce cramps along with depression due to PMS. It also relaxes the respiratory system which helps prevent against insomnia and wetting the bed. It contains hypericins that sometimes ease anxiety in people. St. John’s wort also helps with stomach problems such as gastritis. If you take oat straw frequently this can help to make the immune system stronger. It assists in soothing nerves, which in turn helps people to sleep. 

Another alternative natural medicine with a number of uses is kava root. How it works is quite interesting. It usually functions by exciting the nervous system and later relaxing it. It may help with nerve pain due to nerve or skin diseases. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and a urinary antiseptic. All of these are just a small few of all the wide ranges of alternative natural medicine out in the world. Many of these alternatives can be very beneficial to the body and sometimes even better then conventional medicine due to the natural qualities they possess.

Leigh Young

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