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Health care products to kill “Maiduhuanzhu” wind
Excessive packaging is bright red Huge a mahogany box, with grade silk bedding, placed little trunk and a few Chinese caterpillar fungus, or a few thin pieces American ginseng, this extremely luxurious packaging, brings to mind the fable that the Maiduhaizhu. However, health care products such excessive packaging has been bright red. June 25, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the Joint National Standards Committee on June 25 issued a “limit excessive packaging of goods General (draft)”, layers, and packaging equipment for goods made clear requirements void .

Excessive packaging Two small plates of American ginseng tablet, placed ten times its size in the box; only 15g of the product, after re-wrapped in layers of six, into a weighing 180g, big heavy wooden box ; 30 cm square, a large gift box, which only is only 10 grams of products containing a small bottle … … Last week’s pharmacies and supermarkets in the capital over the counter health care products to see rows of large boxes placed the meantime, many health care products are to a large box, large wooden box or even a large tin show people, but open to read, I find that the “content” itself is less than the weight of hundreds of grams, even only a few grams.

Good fast Dispensary peace in the West Bridge shop reporter saw a series of health care products brand counters are dark red with a square wooden box for packaging. Pharmacy clerk description, said: “the use of wooden box so that even more antique products, but also even more grades,” and some of its built-in, including rare Chinese herbal medicine Cordyceps sinensis, etc., less than a dozen grams. Pharmacies in some high-end stores, reporters saw a more expensive health care products including display, packaging, superior fine degree.

Under “General restrictions on excessive packaging of goods (draft)” the relevant provisions of the domestic cost of all packaging should not exceed 15% of ex-factory price of goods; health care products, cosmetics, alcoholic beverage, cake, tea, Category 5 packaging of goods shall not exceed 3 floors.

“If this new requirement to measure, then the majority of health care products currently on the market there ‘over-packaging’ of the problem.” June 27, Beijing Office large pharmacy Herbs for Chang, general manager, told this reporter. Mr Zhang said that health-care products packaged luxury, mainly to attract consumers in the display on the eyes to achieve the “promotional” purposes, and some had really high-end consumer products, “must be adopted to highlight the luxurious packaging their identity. “

From demand Health care products such “big, luxury” package in the end is the icing on the cake or superfluous? “One dime of the money triangle products of course can not be with the packaging, but a few million of product you can not only packed with a few dollars, right? A good horse with a good saddle better!” 6 27, Beijing Tong Ren Tang (Group ) GmbH Propaganda Department told reporters that the responsible person in the packaging of the Tong Ren Tang “grade theory.”

Part of health care products manufacturer person in charge when interviewed, said product packaging as part of external quality is the “product of Facebook,” won the competition in the market is an important weight. Therefore, health care products manufacturers have attached great importance to product packaging.

Beijing Office Baicao General Zhang said that many health care products positioned on the gift, if you do not attach importance to packaging, it is difficult to attract consumers. “Good people face, the face does not show up is the product grade it? The grade does not appearing is through packaging?” He said, store some “big package” of health care products sales significantly compared to the same “stripped-down” health care products to “much better.”

Reporter made a simple test: in the same stripped-down and Gift Box decorated with two specifications of health care products supermarket, just a half an hour, came to buy the consumer health care products, most of the selected a beautiful Gift Box product. One consumer said, to buy health care products are almost always brought to give as gifts, of course, the more face bigger and more luxurious, as the product inside, “who cares.”

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