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Amenorrhea is a kind of disease characterized by the absence of a menstrual period in a woman under reproductive age. The physiological symptoms of amenorrhea are visible during pregnancy and lactation. There may be various reasons behind Amenorrhea including congenital absence of the uterus, of failure of the ovary to balance cells etc. According to study, it has been found that women who undergo significant weight loss, dieting, or follow substantial amounts of physical exercise on a regular basis are at risk of developing amenorrhea. It is also true that women suffering from amenorrhea after significant amounts of weight loss can reverse the condition by in taking more fatty food for at least 3 to 4 months.

Several studies indicate that women with high level of carotene are more likely to get affected by amenorrhea than women with low carotene levels. However, they can easily maintain normal period by consuming less beta-carotene. A good natural amenorrhea treatment helps a women reduce the risk of getting affected by. Beta carotene is widely found in carrots, collards, spinach, sweet potatoes, and yellow squash. Although, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin found in red and yellow vegetables over the carotenes found in dark green and orange vegetables.

One of the most advantageous amenorrhea treatments is the progesterone natural treatment. Progesterone is the hormone responsible for the lining of the uterus during the first half of the menstrual cycle. According to a medical study, it has been found that the regular intake of 2,000 milligrams of acetyl-L-carnitine (ACL) helps restore normal menstrual periods in 3-6 months.

The natural treatment with vitamin B6 can help Amenorrhea treatment in women having high levels of the prolactin hormone. This is hormone is responsible for milk production; hence B6 provides help women failed to resume normal menstruation after they stop treatment.

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