Five Tips On Health Care At Home

Most of our time is spending inside of the house, and among them nearly one third are spend in bedroom. Therefore, the hygiene of our bedroom has an important role on promoting our health. Then which kind of problems should we pay attention to? This article will suggest you some tips on health care at home.

Every day, we would spend hours to sleep on our bed, although different people with the different time-out, the influence of bedroom do the same to all of us. We would make long stay in the bedroom; if the environment not cleaned enough, it is probably make some negative influence to our health. So, we should frequently tidy up our bedroom.

There is a variety of pollutants in the bedroom. To improve the sanitary quality of the bedroom air, we should pay attention to the ventilation time. In the morning, after getting up, and at night before going to bed, we should open the window for ventilation, and usually 30minutes is enough. In addition to the natural ventilation, family with air-conditioner should clean the dust gauze of the air-conditioner once a week. When it comes to clean furniture in bedroom or clean the waste on ground, we should use a wet cloth or mop to make a wet cleaning.

Do not smoke in bedroom. Smoking in bedroom would seriously pollute the air and harm to our health. Thus, people should avoid smoking inside the house.

Pay attention to the material of furniture and furniture and decorations. Another source of air pollution in the bedroom is the use of synthetic building materials, decorative materials and synthesis of vinyl selection of furniture, which has contains some noxious chemical substances, such as, formaldehyde, methanol, phenol, benzene, and lead, cadmium which can cause respiratory irritation, allergic reactions and poisoning. Therefore, the furniture in bedroom should be placed along the wall and to leave a space which is beneficial to lighting and ventilation.

Washing beddings regularly. We contact with beddings directly, and our skin secret sebum every day, and the dust in air would also drop on our beddings, so we should clean and air bedding regularly, and air them at least once a week, and wash them for 2 to 3 times.

The last but not the least point we should pay attention to is that do not sit and lie on bed casually. Because we would stained with lots of dust outside, which is very dangerous to our health. So, we should avoid sitting on bed when we get home.

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