Feng Shui – 5 Tips For Your Health

Someone has truly experienced and said these golden words health is wealth. You can live without wealth but without health you cannot survive for longer. Feng shui that is a part of ancient Chinese astrology is been used for over thousands of years for ailing humans and bringing prosperity. People are nowadays familiar with the terms acupuncture and herbal medicines and are welcoming them with open hands and hearts. This lovely form of Chinese astrology offers numerous tips to help you improve your health. Healthy body both physically and mentally is very important for a great life ahead. Without health you will not be able to enjoy the other important aspects of life.

According to the metaphysics of Chinese there are five important factors that are important for the well being of human and other living thing
First of all, the most important factor that influences our life and safety are the destiny. Destiny is entirely based on the date of your birth. On basis of birth date you can find out what is destined for you in this life.
Secondly, it is Luck that matters a lot. So try to embrace the luck you have with you with help of ancient art.
Thirdly, adopt the Chinese ancient form of art such as feng shui to manipulate energy in your own living area. They help in removing negative vibes and welcome the positive vibes for your health and prosperity.
Fourthly, positive attitude of yours brings peace whereas negative attitude can be harmful. It all depends on how you carry yourself. Attitude in a person is important but never overdo anything.
Lastly you must be intelligent and well educated. Institutional education as well as wisdom helps in every leap of life.

Thus for leading a healthy and wealthy life you must be able to manage all the five factors effectively and efficiently. All the factors are interdependent in one or the other way and help us understand the importance of life and wellbeing. Take for instance, you have a great destiny and luck but you are not able to live in a space where positive vibes are present for you. Your attitude is also weird and negative. You never try to learn from your mistakes and as a result you will weaken your destiny and lose all the luck you have gradually.

Chinese horoscope help you get acquainted with the health related problems that may strike in the future. With help of feng shui you can easily control and minimize the health related problems by creating positive vibes and minimizing the negative effects from your home or office. With help of the horoscope you can find the timing and year when your health may deteriorate and thus on the basis of the forecast you must make sure that your home is full of positivity that encourages a better health.

From the Chinese astrology chart you can find out the reason behind your health related issues. To control health related issues you must follow the ancient art because they help you in many ways. This art entirely depends on the 5 elements of the universe i.e. Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire.

Tips for health from feng shui experts:
Avoid unfavorable earth if you have problems related to stomach and pancreas. Earth which is not in favor or you can cause various health related issues such as bloating, irritation, diabetes and even cancer.
Keep yourself healthy because if in your body chart if the metal is unbalanced e.g., lungs, skin, bone and teeth are unbalanced then you may experience problems like acne, pimple, bad breath, bad teeth and asthma as well bronchial infections.
Liver, limbs as well as hair is represented by wood. Avoid its imbalance because they may cause blood related health problems.
Heart and blood is represented by fire. Imbalance in fire can cause serious problems like heart attacks and hyper-tension.
Kidney, reproductive organ as well as immune system is represented by water. Imbalance in water causes infections and kidney failure. So it is important to balance water in the body chart in an appropriate manner.

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Feng Shui and Health
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