Curing Your Cold With Natural Health

You’ve been feeling a tickle in your throat and a bit of a sniffle in your nose. You’re probably trying to tell yourself that you aren’t really sick but you probably know, deep down, that the flu has already set in. Before you run to the store for some over the counter quick fix, you might think about the natural remedies for your cold that are already in your home. Natural health solutions are a more than reasonable alternative to the chemicals you’ll find at your pharmacy. We won’t tell you to ignore your doctor but before you schedule the appointment, why not try a natural remedy for a couple of days and see if it works?

Pure water is the way to go. Water is more than something to drink-while we all know that it is essential to our survival, it is more than just a liquid. Instead of cracking open the Advil bottle when you have a headache, drink some water instead! Many headache sufferers do not know that they are dehydrated. A headache will often start to fade as soon as you drink some water. Drinking your water is not the only way that you can get water to help you. Hot baths, for example, are great for helping people break fevers (just remember to keep a cold compress on your head so you don’t get dangerously overheated). The heat of the water in a hot bath will make you start sweating, which is what will help break your fever (and it will relax your muscles as well). Sweating is good because it is how your body will get rid of the toxins causing the fever and bring your temperature down.
You can get vitamin C from more things than oranges and orange juice! Vitamin C is found in leafy greens as well! So, when you’re feeling under the weather load up on salad and greens as well as downing a few glasses of orange juice. Oranges are not the only citrus fruit that contains vitamin C!

Another great source of vitamin C is the bell pepper, so why not chop or slice some up and add them to your meals? The addition of the peppers won’t just make your food tastier it will help boost your immune system as well.

Echinacea is another very popular natural health remedy. If you want Echinacea to work properly, it needs to be taken as soon as you feel the cold start to set in. One or two supplements of Echinacea, when taken early on, could have the power to completely stop the cold from affecting you. Even if your cold is already going full force, taking an Echinacea supplement can offer you some relief from your symptoms and speed up the healing process. Taking approximately 1200 mgs a day while you’re ill will help you heal. To get the right dosage (taking all 1200 mgs will make you sick) take 400mg supplements three times per day. Herbal remedies and natural help can be wonderful ways to combat the common cold and flu. Why shove a bunch of chemical compounds down your throat when there are other and better ways to help yourself feel better? Rather than reaching for pills, reach for teas, hot water and herbs. Getting lots of rest is the best way to ensure that your natural health remedies do what they are supposed to do!

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