Alkaline Diet Simplified For Natural Bone Health

There have been many problems in relation to our bones. Many people are suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis and other related illnesses. Did we realize what the root cause of these illnesses is? Alkaline diet simplified is a better way to maintain a natural bone health.

It is not easy to have bone problems. In fact, if you are one among those who suffer from bone sickness, you tend to live a sedentary life. It is because you are not able to move freely. The aches and pains that you feel on your joints are really alarming.

Do you really get a chance to think of the causes of these illnesses? Now, you will be enlightened! The major cause of this sickness is our body’s unbalanced Ph level.

A well balanced pH level must be maintained in order to achieve good health. Our bones are also affected if our blood pH is not kept at its optimum level. The ideal blood pH level is around 7.35.

It is important that you maintain an ideal pH level. If not, your cells will not function well causing the whole body to malfunction. The cells are the smallest units of our body. When they are compromised, the organs, tissues and bones will also be endangered. In effect, you will have an unhealthy lifestyle.

Bones need minerals to stay healthy. Calcium is one of the minerals that they need. Too much acid food intake is not good for our bones. This is because acid forming foods neutralize the minerals from alkaline foods. So, it is essential that we take more of alkaline forming foods.

When there is not enough or not much amount of alkaline residue in our body, acid residues weaken the bones by neutralizing the nutrients. This is the cause of different bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Alkaline diet simplified is really a big help to achieve healthy bones. It is a natural and effective way. You should always remember that 75-80% of the food intake must come from alkaline foods and 20-25% must be from acid foods.

Alkaline foods include most of vegetables and fruits. Fruit like lemon is really an alkalizing food. Lemon has citric acid which is capable of destroying uric acid in arthritic patient. Lemon is an alkaline forming food because it produces alkaline ash.

Do not let your bones be compromised because of too much acidity. Alkaline diet simplified is the best bet to start a new life free from bone illnesses and other diseases. It is a very natural diet. You need not waste time! Enjoy your life to the fullest. Visit http://www.acidalkalinediet.org and grab your free newsletter and alkaline diet chart.

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